Empowering The Desires of the timeless modest woman

...to celebrate and honor the beauty in modesty.

- Recover



Recover is a lifestyle brand for the woman on a journey to cultivating oneness between her beliefs and appearance. Whether spiritual, moral, or comfort-driven, she is increasingly motivated to honor her body and soul - fully embracing modesty at the heart of this journey.

Recover aims to nurture the journey of modesty through unique pieces, intentionally designed to meet modern style desires while respecting modest values.

For the woman with a bold spirit devoted to exploring her individual expression of modesty. For the woman with exceptional style and presence that serves as source of inspiration and invitation to modesty. For the woman who confidently makes the daily choice to [re]turn back to the [cover]ing of modesty.

Experience the celebration, as Recover honors the beauty in modesty.

As unique as we are creative

Even as the Recover woman moves through the seasons of life, the needs of her modest style remain the same: exceptional form and function.

Our unique designs are a delicate fusion of hand sketched contemporary concepts and modest values, sewn into every seam, to elevate the daily experience of the Recover woman.

From pray to play, our pieces are intentionally designed to move with you throughout the day.

us. Still about us.

At Recover, we believe the full spectrum of beauty is illuminated when we appreciate this truth: we are not alone in our modesty journey.

We are all pieces of a greater community of kindred souls navigating the collective journey of life. A journey full of shared similarities, differences, and complexities.

It is through the acceptance and appreciation of our collective journey that we are cultivating a community for the Recover woman to be enlightened, encouraged, and uplifted - without judgement.


Experience the beauty in modesty

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